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Own It

Coaching and advice for first home buyers – That’s designed to help you to Own It.

Own It financial planning is individually designed for those who want to own their own home or investment property. Own It also works well with parents who want to support their adult children, and don’t want to see them renting forever and worry that home prices might rise further.

Own It financial planning advice answers your questions:

  • Can I afford to buy a home or investment property?
  • How much can I afford to borrow and pay back while still having money to live on?
  • Can I get a help like stamp duty concessions?
  • What are my options for home ownership?
  • What’s the process and can you step it out for me?
  • What happens if interest rates rise or I have a redundancy or job loss?
  • How do I protect yourself if I become ill, injured or die?
  • My parents may help with a financial gift or loan – how can that help me get started?

Own It financial planning advice can also:

  • Break the process down into a series of realistic and achievable steps
  • Place your financial plan in writing
  • Show you how paying of your home might be possible in 80-120 months
  • Work with your parents to make the most of any financial gift or loan they provide
  • Work with you through our advice and coaching service until you pay it off
  • Work with you beyond home ownership towards your financial goals and independence

Owning your first home is a real milestone of achievement. From our experience, we find that people who own their own home feel more secure in raising a family and feel more confident about their financial future. We also find that home owners are more likely to go on to achieve financial independence. The sooner you set a long-term goal, the more time you have to achieve it.

Own It is financial planning and coaching by Life Values for first home buyers.

  • Life Values is a financial planning and coaching business. We’re authorised to provide clients with personal financial planning advice
  • Life Values is not a mortgage broker or bank lender. These service providers are not licensed to provide financial advice – they only provide loans and debt products. While some claim to be home buying coaches, they are not actually licensed to give you personal advice and will just help you get a debt to buy your property. That’s not our approach.
  • We’re committed to helping you pay off your loan quickly with advice and coaching
  • We charge on a fee for service basis and you only pay for the services you use. Sometimes parents pay the advice and coaching fees for their son or daughter who is the first home buyer.
  • We’ve set ourselves the challenge to help 1,000 Young Australians own their own and pay off their home as quickly as possible.
  • We know not everyone can afford to buy and pay off their own home, that’s why we’re also lobbying Government for change on housing affordability and homelessness. To learn more about this, read The Real Home Truth – Why Unaffordable Housing Hurts Us All.

Would you like to Own It?

Life Values Financial Planning is pleased to offer you a free appointment to see how we can help you Own It. Personal advice can help you started on your journey towards financial independence. If you’re still living at the family home you may be able to save more and Own It sooner. Parents who also want to help their adult kids get a start are also welcome to contact us.

Let's get started

To take up our complimentary appointment offer, call us on 02 9406 5100 or click on Contact us. We look forward to meeting you.

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