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Build It

The Build It program is designed for Australians who want to choose the age that they retire. If you own your own home, or are close to it, the next step is to ensure you have the option to retire from work when you want to.

  • The Government announced their desire to raise the pension age to 70. Who wants to wait to the age of 70 to retire?
  • Do you really want to be relying on a small pension anyway?
  • And if you work in a physically demanding or stressful occupation, will you still be capable of working?

Only 5 in 100 Australians reach financial independence. Will you be one of them? Build It is really about building your wealth. Helping you do the things you want too now, and in the future plus have a choice about the age you retire from work. We also want to help you be one of the 5 in 100 to reach financial independence.

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