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Financial Planner, Financial Planning Chatswood, Financial Planner Sydney

Gift It

Financial Planner, Financial Planning Chatswood, Financial Planner Sydney

Gift It provides personal financial advice for those who have the ability and desire to help others. It might be helping a son or daughter to buy and pay off their first home and take the first step towards financial independence. Or perhaps it is a charitable cause that’s close to your heart.

  • Parents typically want to raise independent children, giving them financial gifts without the skill of financial literacy can lead to a less then optimal outcome. That’s why we created the Own It program, to help parents help their kids to buy and pay off a home.
  • Seeking advice can help you make sure the funds are available when you need them and you select an appropriate gift giving structure if required. Sometimes the gift can be a true gift, other times it might take the form of a loan, depending on the situation.
  • Giving wealth carries a responsibility to protect and preserve your values, while helping others. Giving wealth can be a good way to pass family values from one generation to the next.
  • Regardless of who it is, it’s important that your gift to others makes a meaningful and lasting difference.

We know that each year thousands of Australians help other Australians and some of those gifts are really significant.

Would you like to Gift It?

Life Values Financial Planning is pleased to offer you a free appointment to see how we can help you Gift It.  If you’re gift giving is significant or you think that it could be in the near future, then we’d welcome the opportunity to see how we can help you realise your mission.

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